Botika Bummer

Written by Jeana.

Botika was designed by Chef Geronimo Lopez as “a hangout for the people” where the food is meant to be tasty and affordable rather than fine dining fare.

After visiting the restaurant on a date night the week of their grand opening, I left underwhelemed. The atmosphere and decor were fine, and not what I really judge a restauarant by anyhow when deciding whether I’ll return. The Peruvian-Asian fusuion food was what I most looked forward to experiencing.

We tried a few of the appetizers as well as two out of three of the chef rolls under the sushi section of the menu. The steamed buns were the best item we ordered. The buns were perfectly prepared and the braised pork jowl filling was very flavorful.

The most dissapointing items were the chef rolls. We ordered the plaintain roll and the buenazo roll. They were both equally bland. The worst part was the overcooked rice, which left my mouth jammed with dense mush after every bite. These should definitely be revisted by the chef for tweaking.

![Plantain roll topped with spicy ]() Plantain roll topped with spicy “crispies”. Neither spicy nor crispy.

Would I come back?

Not enthusiastically. The prices are reasonable, but not cheap enough to just work as good bar food. And the food doesn’t taste good enough to stand on its own. If they don’t step up the flavor I don’t really see this place lasting. Perhaps it’s a curse on the loaction. #arcaded

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