Far be it from me to ape the lady who reviewed Olive Garden.

No. That is not what is happening here, folks. Generally speaking, SA Review wants to steer you toward your local fare. Still, we all find ourselves doing the comfortable thing from time to time.

For me, that is Tiago’s. I do not necessarily love their dishes. I honestly cannot tell you what I ate the last few times I have been there*.

*_Yes, the last few times I have been there. You read that correctly. I have been there more than a handful of times._

The 410/151 location is very close to my work (don’t be creepy) and I have made the quick trek there after playing this game:

The saving grace: The chips are aaaaaamaaaaazzzinng. They are the perfect combination of sexy and cute crunchy and soft, with a the perfect amount of salt.

I like a chip that can withstand the rigors of a salsa, but not require my jaw to have steel-piercing abilities to subdue my food.

The food is good-to-okay and I won’t beat you over the head here with a chain-y place’s menu. I have had all the lunch specials and cannot complain about any one. So I will not.

They have beer and drink drinks too so yeah get on that. Imbibe, my friends. And enjoy those damned chips that are so good.

I am a little scared that those chips are not the product of the company but instead some hidden Ace Mart bag that they toss in the basket on my table. That would be disheartening but also free me to enjoy the chips from the source. For now, I will enjoy the magical times at Tiagos until I die of a disease related to high-sodium intake.

So it goes.

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