Down On Grayson

When I think of this place I think of the I Love Lucy-esque confusion in a conversation about eating there.




It went on like this for a while. The presiding question of this post is Is Down On Grayson Good? I submit to you that this is a matter of criteria. Let us not dance around this question. It is simply okay. People like DoG for the atmosphere, the proximity to the Pearl Complex, the newness of the spot. It certainly is not the food, which is hit-or-miss as they still try to figure out what they do best.

(The antichuchos are the best thing they do)


The above is the best thing on the menu by far. It consistently satisfies and was moved from the appetizer menu to the main courses section.

I have had something like five or six meals at this place and honestly can only remember two things:

  1. The antichuchos
  2. I had one bad experience with their French Dip 2 sandwich

I think the club sandwich was decent. I think. I cannot look you in the eye right now and tell you to order it with any confidence.

So what to do? The place looks inviting. Look at this website photo:

It sure looks like a good meal can be had yonder. I suppose you could liquor yourself up, hoping the numbness of a good drink will carry you through a mediocre menu.

It is very hard to go wrong with a good drink. This is why even the worst bars can power through with a decent selection. The drink menu is okay and I drank my way through the cocktail offering without anything overly praiseworthy to note. It is fine. That is not a knock, but simply a statement. If you judge this place by the wine selection you are on your own.

I will take exception to their self-description, however.

A Gem Near Pearl I am nitpicking here but a ‘gem’ restaurant is something quaint and small, no? Not a sprawling restaurant next to West Elm.

Down on Grayson is a casual, modern-American restaurant serving a mixture of classic and contemporary dishes in a fresh and fun atmosphere. There are a lot of “ands” here and I do not appreciate it. Nestled in Tobin Hill on the outskirts of the acclaimed Pearl Brewery area, It is not quite Tobin Hill and not quite nestled and not quite on the “outskirts” although I am nitpicking again. Down on Grayson offers an approachable menu with something for everyone. The bar serves delicious, fresh cocktails and the wine list is packed with favorites offered both by the glass and the bottle. So generic.

Down on Grayson features an airy, light-filled indoor dining room with enormous arched windows, as well as one of the largest patios in the area where you can dine underneath a the shade of an oak tree or striped umbrella with your pooch by your side. Down on Grayson offers lunch and dinner daily. The ‘underneath a the’ part is their error. Given my day job I do not like the inattention to website detail, nor do I like the description which is telling slightly taller tale than is true. There is not much shade to be had from those trees. You will be HOT.

I would rewrite this description and then the menu.

Also, we once had paper in the cheese.

Again, the inattention to detail y’all.

My new Mining Canary for restaurants is the website. If you cannot copyedit the description how can I trust you to not poison me?

I will let you know how far this carries me into the great abyss that is America 2017. More as it develops. Stay tuned.

In the interim if you choose to spend your money here you would do yourself a favor if you set your expectations to something lower than stun — ning. Maybe you eat something beforehand and choose to simply snack and get your drink on. Perhaps that would be the appropriate mindset for a visit.

Oh, I saw John Lucas enter during the Rockets-Spurs series the other night. He was interested in my cute kid. Everyone is. This is the way of things.

  1. A note on the picture: the poor quality of it is a reflection of the quality of the food as I had to hastily take a photo of it before consuming the rest of it. 
  2. FRENCH DIP house-roasted sirloin sliced thin & piled high on a Grayson roll, served traditionally with au-jus & horseradish mayo $18 

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